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A Letter from
Pamela Bruner 

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you could just feel that you were on the cusp of something great? Where you could feel that you were on a path to transforming your life in big ways?

I believe that this moment, right now, is one of those moments for you.


We’d like to invite you to join Biz Club, the most transformational  business training available to help coaches, healers, therapists, consultants, and other transformational entrepreneurs to catapult their business, their income, their impact and their level of fulfillment forward in ways they never imagined.

I’ve run this program for 9 years and have had the privilege and honor to help hundreds of entrepreneurs to transform their businesses and their lives.

From growing six-figure businesses, to helping coaches pass the seven-figure mark, and building online marketing systems for multi-million dollar businesses, my team and I are more excited than ever about how we’ll be able to transform the lives of those in Biz Club. 

Further down, you’ll get to learn about how Biz Club can transform YOUR life.


You have a deep desire to make an impact on the world, to spread your message and help others, and to earn a great living doing it.

Biz Club can help you to create that life you dream of 10 times faster than if you do it on your own, with less heartache, confusion, and frustration.

Why struggle to create a business and life you love when there’s a clear path to creating the growth you want today?

We hope you join us. Biz Club can transform your life forever!

Biz Club Trainings Tracks

A big part of growing your business at 10 times your current speed is knowing WHAT to do to create rapid growth. This is why we’ve created the most comprehensive training tracks available, designed specifically to help transformational entrepreneurs move through each phase of growth with comfort and ease. Through our month-long structured Biz Club Training Tracks, you’ll get to master every aspect of your business, from marketing, to program development, sales, productivity, online client attraction, funnels and more!

Here Are Just Some of the Training Tracks You’ll Get Access To…


Signature Systems

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to earn more money per hour, without feeling like your clients are scrutinizing your rates? In this track you’ll learn how to create a high-ticket package and break free of the hours-for-dollars revenue model. You’ll discover how to leverage your expertise, and make more money without giving up more of your personal time.

Sales Mastery

Why would you work hard to find potential clients if every time you do, you’re nervous in your conversation, confused as to what to say, and overwhelmed with feelings of guilt or shame for asking for money? In the Sales Mastery track you’ll learn how to enroll new ideal clients, using a proven step-by-step process that doesn’t make you feel slimy. You’ll discover how to lose the “sales-y” feel, stay in integrity, and make sales feel authentic (and even enjoyable!)

Productivity & Profit

Without Biz Club, the biggest killer of your business and your dreams over the next year won’t be your marketing or your sales (although those are important), it will be your lack of consistency. The biggest difference between high achievers and those that get stuck in the mud is their productivity. In this track you’ll learn how to avoid getting sidetracked. You’ll find simple but life-changing strategies to organize your time, to-dos, and mindset in a way that helps your business grow and thrive.

Signature Talk

Have you ever had the feeling of walking off a stage and thinking to yourself “I rocked that talk!” You’ll learn to do that, and there’s more. In this training track you’ll learn how to craft and deliver a client-attracting talk that positions you as the expert you are, so that you actually book clients from speaking! You’ll discover how to get the speaking gigs, and put yourself in front of the right people for your work. And of course we’ll help you to overcome the biggest challenge to giving an amazing Signature Talk… the fear of public speaking!

Branding & Niche

Does your marketing ever feel like looking for a needle in a haystack? What if it could feel like your ideal clients were all around you, and so easy to find? That’s what the Branding & Niche track will do for you. You’ll learn how to create your perfect brand, and finally find your tribe. This process will simplify all your marketing, so your ideal clients are lining up to work with you!


In this track you’ll discover how to attract your ideal clients every time you walk in a room. You’ll know what to say, and how to follow up, so you build a network of raving fans. And the best part… because we’ll help you with both the strategy of networking, and the mindset around it, you’ll discover how to make it effortless and enjoyable so that you can enjoy the process!

New Facebook & Funnel Tracks

The dreamland for transformational entrepreneurs… attracting ideal clients online, and having your automated funnels do the work for you! In this track, you’ll learn the ins and outs of funnels, and how to run successful ads on Facebook and other platforms. These Tracks include:

• Building Your Audience

• Identifying Your Offers

• Designing Your Funnel

• Creating Your Perfect Webinar

• Creating Video Sales Letters

• Rocking Facebook LIVE and Live Video

• Designing Effective Lead Magnets & Landing Pages

• Writing Email Sequences & Retargeting

• Creating and Running Facebook Ads

• Optimizing Your Ads, So They’re Profitable


One of the most common questions we get is… “How do I know if Biz Club is right for me?” So we’ve put together this checklist to help you.

As you go down the list, check off the ones that apply to you. If ANY of these apply, then you know Biz Club is right for you!

You will thrive with Biz Club if:

  • You’re building your transformational business, and you want a path to create a 6-figure income, or more.
  • You’ve been in business for a while, but you’re frustrated because your results aren’t yet what you would like them to be.
  • You’re ready to jump to the next level and grow a tribe of raving fans.
  • You’d like to expand online, and build a list. You’ve got clients but feel overwhelmed.
  • You want to know how to leverage your time and impact to create income and greater time freedom.
Your business will thrive with Biz Club if:
  • You want to make great money while staying in integrity and adding value to the lives of others.
  • You have a strong desire to make a difference in the world through your business.
  • You want to be part of a community that understands you and fully supports you.
  • You understand that your mindset matters, and you’re willing to work around and through the beliefs and obstacles that are stopping you.
  • You’re prepared to play full-out and get more out of life!
  • You’re ready to get support in reaching your goals, and achieving your dreams.

Just sold a $5000 package!

I just sold a “HELP! I Need a Miracle” Package. I was talking to myself in my head about lowering the price and cutting the student a deal (because, before working with Pamela I just charged $100/hour), BUT, I remembered what Pamela wrote to me, “If you’re making miracles happen, you need to be paid for miracles!” Sooo, I stuck with the price. And, her biggest concern was if she could make two payments and from where and how fast she could get that first payment to me! This whole process… has truly transformed my life.

Dr. Irene Blinston



Sometimes what we all need is to be heard, to feel like we fit in, to get feedback on where we are, and be given advice from people who get us and our businesses. Community is what does that, and without it, running a business can feel very lonely. In Biz Club you’ll get to connect with like-minded business owners, and receive encouragement, feedback and support. Your Biz Club leader Pamela Bruner, the coaching team, and your fellow Biz Club members will be there to guide and nurture you. You’ll avoid pitfalls, get clarity, and find the energy to take your revenue, and your impact, to the next level!

How Could Your Business and Life Be Impacted With This Level of Strategy, Support and Training?

Building a successful business transforming lives requires something special. We understand that. You won’t find another program like Biz Club anywhere else.

If you’re ready to transform the way you do business and the way you show up in the world, Biz Club is waiting for you!

Your Host

Pamela Bruner

Pamela Bruner

 Pamela is a sought-after business coach, author, and speaker with a history of groundbreaking successes in the transformational industry. After removing her own discomfort with marketing and sales, Pamela built her business from $375/month to $1,000,000 in less than 3 years. She specializes in working with conscious entrepreneurs to build six and seven-figure businesses by combining effective marketing strategies with cutting-edge mindset tools.




VALUE $5000

Accelerate your business with expert strategy and mindset! You’ll get your important questions answered by Pamela, plus you’ll enjoy the powerful mindset shifts that come with tapping.


VALUE $6000

You’ll have VIP access to Pamela’s one and two day retreats to train, connect, and mastermind with Pamela, her team, the coaches, and your fellow Biz Club members. You’ll get strategy, and break through the blocks so you can achieve your business goals. And you’ll walk away inspired and ready for your next steps!


VALUE $6000

Beyond the twice-monthly calls and in-person retreats with Pamela and her team, you’ll also get one-on-one coaching with your master coach who will guide you, and give you the personalized strategy and direction that’s exactly right for your stage of growth. Dive deep on your specific challenges and get support in marketing, sales, copywriting, funnel strategy, and more! 

Accountability and Masterminding

VALUE $1500

You’ll get a weekly accountability system, and the opportunity to join small-group masterminds for additional support. Connect closely with your fellow Biz Club members, and our rockstar team who are here to make sure YOU succeed! 


VALUE $5000

One of the fastest and most effective ways to get answers to pressing questions is the exclusive online Facebook forum for Biz Club members. You’ll have 24/7 access to your community, your coaches, and Pamela in our exclusive Facebook forum. Ask questions, get answers, and get support when YOU need it.



We’ve built an extensive library of powerful trainings and you get access to the full library of audio and video content. You’ll get access to strategic trainings, and powerful tapping and mindset work. These have helped thousands of transformational entrepreneurs address their biggest challenges!

“I am reaching more clients, I am charging for the value of what I offer!”

“I had NO doubt I was an”overworked giver” when I first discovered Pamela. I struggled with spinning my wheels for little reward while feeling overwhelmed with too little time and too much to do. I knew I had so much more to share with the world but I felt limited around my visibility and knowing how to convey my message effectively. Now after working with Pamela for almost a year, I am reaching more clients, I am charging for the value of what I offer! I have developed a program that is yielding amazing results and I wake up each day excited for what comes next.”

Jennifer Moore

Modern Medicine Lady

Biz Club




3 live in-person retreats with Pamela

2 Q&A calls per month
with Pamela

Monthly 1-on-1 calls with a
Dedicated Expert Coach

Accountability & Support

Exclusive Private
Facebook Group Access

All-Access Pass to Full
Training Library

“15 minutes with Pamela completely changed my thinking.”

I moved from “I don’t know what to do to get my message across” to OMG “I know how to clearly communicate so potential clients understand the value of my program!”

Diana D Devi

An Ageless Life

Are You Ready to Join Biz Club and Transform Your Business and Your Life Forever?

If your answer is a clear “YES!” or if your gut is telling you that you want the business growth and transformation but you have questions, hesitations or some of those pesky fears coming up… come talk to one of our team members.

We’ll help answer your questions, explore how Biz Club can benefit you with YOUR specific business challenges. We’ll work to help you gain clarity on the vision for your business, and how the support in Biz Club can get you there faster.

You’ll be glad you did.

You deserve to have the business and life you want, and Biz Club can help get you there!

Biz Club Testimonials

“I booked 6 new clients in just 4 weeks!”

“As a heart-centered entrepreneur I want to serve my clients at a high level and serve more of them. However, before I started joined Pamela’s Transformational Business Club, I was stopped by so many limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts that Pamela has now helped me reframe. One of the most impactful of these reframes helped me to create packages for my clients and move away from doing ‘single sessions.’ This one action of ONLY selling packages has benefited my clients so much more. The transformation doesn’t occur in just an hour. Because I don’t have to spend as much time selling as I did before, this allows me to create more content and connect with more people. After the first Club retreat that I attended, I was so fired up that I booked 6 new clients in just 4 weeks! Thanks so much, Pamela.”

Helen McConnell,

“I went from $100/hour to $10,000 per client!”

“Thank you! Because of you, my husband and I have restructured our business model from an hourly rate of $100 to six-month packages that start at $10,000! We now have a six-figure business. I am deeply grateful for all you have taught me in Biz Club. And we have experience that shows that it works!”

Susan Phariss